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aquarium size

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I'd like to switch my biorb to a salt water aquarium. what size tank would you recommend? I currently have the biorb 60 and a biube. Do I have to get the biorb 105 in order to successfully do a salt water tank? I'm a beginner. Can I just do coral in a biorb? how does that work with the underground filter...will changing the filter disrupt the coral too much? If I just do a coral in the tank can i get away with a smaller one?

Our expert says

The biOrb 60 aquarium would be the best that you have as it has the larger volume, The larger the volume of water the better when it comes to marine keeping as larger volumes of water are more stable an less prone to fluctuations, Saltwater fish keeping is all about keeping the water parameters constant with no fluctuation.

The biOrb aquariums are suitable for the more robust marine fish and inverts but if you are wanting to keep the more sensitive fish and corals then a more specialized marine aquarium will be needed. Captive bred Clown Fish and cleaner shrimp with a couple of turbo snails are the best stock to look for, Corals are photosynthetic and need to have lots of light the biOrb intelligent light unit will only provide enough light for the most hardy of corals like zooanthids and mushroom corals. Non photosynthetic corals do exist but they require regular feeding and this can pollute a small aquarium quite quickly so they are best avoided.

You will need too visit your local aquatics store and pick up some fully cured living rock,  1KG for every 10 liters of water will be enough to help with your filtration and water quality. You should also look at Reverse Osmosis water to make your salt water from as it will help to eliminate all of the nasty chemicals and contaminants found in tap water and will make the environment in your aquarium far more suitable for your marine fish. You will also need a salt water master test kit to test your water.

Your marine biOrb will need to have a 10% salt water change once a week with the filter cartridge being changed once every four weeks this will keep the water quality to a standard suitable for long term health of marine fish and inverts.  

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