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number of fish in aquarium

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Your question

how many coldwater fish can i add to a biOrb 30

Our expert says

Introducing fish for Aquariums 30l – 45l

biOrb 30 litre,
biUbe 35 litre,
biOrb Life S30,
biOrb Life P45

You must resist the temptation to fill your aquarium with fish straight away. One small goldfish (1 to 1.5 inches) or three small shoaling fish (such as white cloud mountain minnows) can be introduced.

Wait at least 28 days before adding any more fish.

A gap of 28 days should be left between each addition of fish. Never add more than one goldfish or three small shoaling fish at a time. Buying too many fish at a time can kill the fish or at least make them very ill.

Fish Type

Each Month

Maximum Stock (biOrb 30)

Fancy goldfish
(basic fantails)



Small shoaling fish
(minnows, danios, etc)




If transferring fish from an existing aquarium to a new aquarium the fish must be moved over gradually as described above so that the aquarium can develop correctly.

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